The sick among the pure in wildstar

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The sick among the pure

Unlike their reveal-partners, the Mordesh do not lack for purpose. This is a race with a singular purpose, a purpose that allows no ambiguity or confusion. It is a race of dying, sick people abandoned by their would-be saviors that is now dedicated to doing as much damage as possible to those saviors. It’s not that they’re humorless, hateful monsters; it’s that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to tear apart the Dominion.

In other words, they’re that practical arm of the Exiles I posited all that time ago — a race willing to do what it takes no matter what.

As a long-time fan of playable undead, I innately like the Mordesh, in no small part because they look like science-fiction zombies. There’s no hint of necromancy, no dead parts rotting off, but there’s a clear sense that these are unwell people held together more by science than by good health. I especially liked seeing some « spare » body parts lying around in the original reveal video, giving the impression that the Mordesh increasingly see bodies as machines rather than fundamental components of identity.

Unlike the Chua, the Mordesh reveal something about the Exiles that we already knew, insofar as they’re more concerned with taking down the Dominion than living up to any ideals. It’s the talents of the Mordesh that make them desirable allies, not their outlook on life or overall demeanor. The Exiles need someone like that on their side, and everything else is kind of superfluous by necessity.

So how far have the Mordesh been willing to go in the past to ensure the safety of the Exiles? No way of being sure. But we can guess that it hasn’t been pleasant at all times. We know that the Exiles see them as something necessary without being something likable, a requirement to the cause instead of friends that they love to have around. Someone has to be willing to do the hard things that the other races don’t want to do, after all.

In other words, they provide a new perspective, which is refreshing on many levels.

Beyond the basics of both races… well, thus far my predictions about classes and the new races seem to be holding out. We’ll see what develops when we finally know for sure what the last classes are. No, I’m not counting datamined information.

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Venting about the daily dungeon/dungeon queue system in neverwinter

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Venting about the daily dungeon/dungeon queue system
I’ll start by saying that, given the skill levels I have seen on the people I get queued with when I try to do my daily dungeon, dread vault needs to be nerfed by around 45,921%. I’m talking about normal dread vault, mind you, not epic. Mobs need to have their AoE taken away, their single target damage nerfed by 6,000%, and their health reduced to instant death from a hard stare levels. The bosses need to not have any attacks, no ability to move, summon no adds, and somewhere between 1 and 7.5 health. And honestly, even of you make these changes, I’m not 100% sure I could push some of these players to a completion.

I wish I had kept more precise numbers, but I never expected it to get THIS bad. Between my GWF and my rogue, I have been in dread vault over fourty five times trying to complete my daily dungeon after hitting lvl 60. But I have only finished dread vault eight times. 8. (and of those 8, the boss only dropped loot 3 times because that bug is still not fixed.)

Now, one may be tempted to say that I’m the reason the dungeons always fail, because MMO nerds always want to try and be snarky, but most of the time I am top damage by varying, and sometimes huge, margins. I don’t die to much of anything unless I am the last alive and get overwhelmed. I’m pretty good at getting resses off. I always try and get people to follow the path of least resistance on the last boss (left rear where the tentacles can’t hit you), and try to get the people with KBs to toss mobs off the platform on the add phases. I explain as best I can, I do my job as best I can, and I am more patient than a particularly kind stone, because my queue times are over 50 minutes most of the time and I really want to get it done.

But none of that matters, because the average neverwinter gold player in this game can’t finish a normal dungeon that has no appreciable mechanics other than ‘Stand ye not in the crimson upon the floor’ and ‘Slayeth all minions of the overlord’. It’s just too hard for them. And because they can’t finish it, that means I can’t finish it, after multiple tries, multiple queues, and multiple hours wasted.

Now, the pat answer to complaints like this is usually « join a guild », but in the vast majority of cases, people in guilds are doing their own thing unless there is a real dungeon happening, that, you know, drops actual loot, and they can’t be bothered to form an actual premade group for a normal instance with no loot of any worth (and most of the time no loot period). Even in WoW, we rarely ever made a full group to do heroics unless we were going to chain run them because someone needed a bunch of justice to buy a BoA item. 3k AD is not enough of an incentive to make a guild group for pretty much anyone, especially since you can only get it once a day.

What can be done to fix this? Well, the previously mentioned ‘nerf into the dirt’ method would work pretty well. If nothing can kill the group, then maybe even I could herd these inbred cats to a finish in DV. Another option would be not not nerf it at all, but to raise the AD reward from the daily to something more appropriate. Somewhere in the 7-9 million AD range, to symbolize winning the lottery, which is about how rare it is to finish it as it is now. That would also give incentive to people in guild to make a guild group for it. Another method would be instead of the daily giving massive amounts of AD, make normal DV drop T2 loot, that would get people in there. Whatever you choose, Cryptic, one (or all) of those needs to be done.

Now, for the queue system itself, I have to start off with a question: Why is there no way to refill empty slots when the inevitable « dis to hrd, im out bb » person bails on the group? Or when a genuine DC happens?

Why are non English speakers put in groups with English speakers? Yes, the need for complex tactics is pretty light in this game, but when someone is new to the dungeon you need to be able to explain things to them, and a lot of the time now, you simply can’t.

Why do you have to leave the instance to be able to teleport to the group if you DC and can reconnect quickly? Why does it not simply put you where the group is automatically?

The queue system needs some work, and as fast as you can do it as well.

That’s most of the main points on this general issue. Things need to change so that trying to do the daily dungeon is either fast and easy, or very rewarding experience, and not the current mind searingly frustrating experience that it is, where I want to lay down on the floor and just cry until I die crying because yet another group can’t figure out the Mongolian calculus equation that is normal DV.

The Wildstar description and feature.

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As we head into Beta, lots of people still want to know: What is this WildStar game? Why should I care about it? Is it nutritional? Will my dog enjoy it? Well, we can’t promise to answer all of those questions, but we’re pretty sure we’ve covered the basics in this video. Enjoy!

WildStar is surely an approaching sci-fi Mmog manufactured by NCsoft’s Southeast California-based Carbine Galleries. As well as a school system, WildStar provides several “paths”: Internet explorer, Gift filler, Researchers, along with Settler. The game comes about in Nexus, an imagined planet considered for the regarding acknowledged space. NCSoft promises WildStar can provide wildstar gold gamers together with challenges along with benefits in which answer their perform fashion options, and mixture of faction, competition, course, and also course selections. WildStar offers to supply considerable concentrate on mini-quests as well as difficulties. Besides the regular alternatives associated with faction, contest and sophistication which are within many MMORPG’s, WildStar may introduce what Carbine Studios telephone calls the Path Technique. Wildstar keep in mind a brief demon at 2013.This is the distinct personality choice of Traveler, Gift filler, Researchers or perhaps Settler, which offers completely unique content and aspects. Impetus

Recomment the Neverwinter Fashion Suggestions

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Fashion Suggestions
I was looking at the zen shop and the fashion options there are a little… Well lacking. There’s some missing dye colors that would be appreciated.

Dye colors wanted:
Yellow/Neverwinter gold

Those colors are in dye sets, but can’t be separated, so I think it would be nice if I could buy them separately.

Also there’s not a lot of outfits. Some outfits I would be interested in seeing:

Neverwinter Soldier’s Uniform
Different Noble outfit designs
Fashion Armor

Anyone else have anything they’d like to see in fashions?
It’s still early days, and I’m glad they’re focusing more on Gameplay related things than the Zen Shop.

But yeah~ I’ve yet to find a single Noble in Neverwinter that wears the Noble Fashion Outfit, I’d love to be able to buy ones that are more like what some of the Nobles actually wear.

I’d like to see Fashion Outfits that are themed on each class. Maybe not the same as actual armor they have, but more to their fashion style. I’d love to be able to dress a Rogue more like a CW, or a Cleric like a GF.

Though Alchemy is coming soon, it’s possible that the « Missing » dye colors will be craftable through that~

A lot of the growth happened during Wrath

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A lot of the growth happened during Wrath
A lot of the growth happened during Wrath, which introduced a lot of the changes for convenience’s sake.

And I’ve heard plenty enough from people who were around before Wrath, and who would hope to never go back to those dark days.  The lack of LFG tool in some recent games ended up seeing their dungeons (or equivalents) pretty much never being run.

If WoW ever dropped the LFG tools, or maps, or put in attunement questlines, or forced people to get keys for dungeons or raids again, or removed dual-spec, or forced people to only play one faction again, or so much more that would « bring back the glory days of Vanilla » in the eyes of the 0.01% (of people who played it back then, even), I would quit and go play another game such as Diablo 3 gold, because it would be making the game annoying just for annoyance’s sake.

But they’ll never do those things, because they’d lose too many more subs, which would be money lost.  They already tried copying some of the ideas people claimed they loved from BC, and now they’re down 33% (at least) from the game’s height.  Way to go, nostalgia!

« Slightly impressive » videos to be a bit less-than-slightly

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« Slightly impressive » videos to be a bit less-than-slightly
I find « slightly impressive » videos to be a bit less-than-slightly, mainly to do with the same one or two people delivering all of the voicing.

That said, no « rose colored glasses » here, babe.  Like « WOW Killer » that is a WoW-specific term no one else uses that is judgemental and wholly inaccurate when it comes to the people it’s targeted at.

What this video promotes is convenience over community, the idea that a Lobby Game version of WOW is vastly better than the more reality-based world we used to play wow gold price in.

That’s a valid point of view for those who hold it, but it is far from rose-colored delusion for one to say that no, we actually ENJOYED the old systems, the little inconveniences, the reality of it all.  Playing WOW used to feel like visiting a Theme Park with a large group of family or friends … you’d all have to kind of keep track of each other and work together to achieve maximum fun for your Theme Park dollars.  The feeling was one of a true alternate reality, it was great!

No rose-colored glasses here, thank you very much.  Only wistful memories …

Grandest instant fight Total War: Rome II: top 3 PC games in 2013

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Sega America officially announced that The Creative Assembly workshop which has developed a reputation of “total war” series, now os work on the PC platform development of the Total War: Rome II.
The story of Total War: Rome II will take place in the most famous in the history of war era, will be the largest expansion of the war scenes and the grandest instant fight scenes together, it is the scale for the series.
This game is completely distinguish from Diablo 3, when you are tired of brushing for Diablo 3 gold and items, you can have a try on this game, sure that it won’t let you down.
When you create and train your troops, the troops will enter into “call model”, can’t move at this time. Players will be able to change the general’s name and the family crest. The general also can gain skills and special properties. If the army suffered damage, new units will be automatically assigned.Grandest instant fight Total War: Rome II: top 3 PC games in 2013 dans other game news 110310k6kd6422x4lrkd19

Diablo3goldtaker Guild:How to get diablo 3 gold

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Like Diablo 2 game development team Diablo 3 also sets some pretty difficult hidden levels in the game.
In the PC version, solving the boss in five minutes is the first condition to go to hide levels, when you have a battle with the BOSS in the first scene. In the third act, while killing another boss a certain number of batmen are still alive,which is another hidden levels. In the last act, a decisive battle before Diablo, open a portal, at that time, hidden level will be open. After defeating with the last Diablo, you should pick up the jewel and some broken stones that drop. At that time, you can access to the last hidden level.
In these way, not only can you win the game,but also you will get more Diablo 3 gold by a easier way.

Everyone has to accept all kinds of challenges in his life.

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Learn to face challenges

Everyone has to accept all kinds of challenges in his life. There are not only physical challenges, but also social and intellectual challenges. Adventurers risk their lives in exploring the primitive areas. Athletes devote themselves to playing sports show their skills.
In Diablo 3, lots of players like playing the Hardcore mode, to challenge the difficulty. Once failed, everythings in ruin, not matter your level, but also your Diablo 3 gold and other items. However, I admire the one who are fond of challenges.
Many reasons are included in people’s preference to challenges. The first is curiosity. Normally people take great interest in unknown things and world. The second is the personal feeling of achievements. People often pride themselves on their abilities to go through challenges smoothly. The third is for the meaning of life. After challenges, people can know themselves better and deeply enjoy the real life.
Today we still confront many challenges. Doctors face the challenges of conquering diseases attacking human beings. Planners must produce more design and transportation. Scientists are to develop new forms of energy. All in all, we live in an age of challenges.

Ghostly defense event in Guild Wars 2.

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ghostly defense event in Guild Wars 2.
Go north, cross to map most northerly elongated room, if your team overthrow Kholer directly to the central large wide hall north to go a little faster.

2 on the stairs after remember the chains on the right to pull the door will open.

3 with NPC to the middle of the room, the event will start. If your team choose to skip the monsters of the road (usually skipped), and makes the NPC fight with the monster, or death, as long as the team are Forum Search the room north-west, NPC will follow over.
The event itself is very simple, but to be regarded as the sum of the combat power on comparative test team event. The victory conditions NPC completing triplet traps, no defeat conditions.
5 of NPC would Prerequisite west trap, not long there will be a wave of five ghost rushed NPCs per to kill a’ll renewable a maximum of nine. All clear, the event even if complete-third of one.
Note: you do not need to let the NPC alive, you can take advantage of the NPC to help you tanked some strange, anyway, cleared her ghost resurrection like.

The next repair east trap, basically the process with the west side of the trap.

Next repair the north side of the trap, as long as this survive for a period of time to help NPC, trap completing all the ghost disappears.
8. Had builded trap and not because the NPC of death or destroy mission disappeared, so you can pick off. In contrast, there have been ghost did not get killed or event is over, will not disappear. If the team is in the first wave of ghost strikes destroy missions, and ran back to the future, they must face the remnants and the second wave of the first wave of a large number of ghost.
9 ghost of a variety of occupations, basically Summoner with Kholer
Necromancer will fear attack range is a priority to kill the target.
The Elementalist range attack, and released long will cause Manduo injury.
Ranger will be blown away, put the traps, high damage.
These are the first kill.
Monk blood to help other people in here, but do not often encounter.
Warrior will help their own blood, and dizziness monomer object.
Mesmer will slow speed, sometimes to help on the shield to rebound projectile attacks.
The above can be temporarily placed, it does not mean you can ignore, you can fly a kite, put it.
10. Unless the equipment is good enough, or strong enough DPS, the scope of technology is strong enough,buy guild wars 2 gold or side really quite difficult Rolling past. Most of the team will be someone to be second. Each individual to make good use of their skills to reduce injury and to concentrate their firepower to kill the dangerous enemy first.
11 three traps are completing, do not rush to talking to NPC, the team can go to the south of the chest to get something ready to fight the last boss.


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